Research in Jewish Music

A Bibliography

Jonathan L. Friedmann, Ph.D.

This bibliography lists books and monographs valuable for the study of Jewish music, mostly in the English language. Included are works representing several decades of scholarship, and written from varied perspectives, disciplinary approaches, and subject areas. Most of the books are about music rather than of music. However, a few song collections are included because of the wealth of historical information they contain.

This is an inclusive, if not totally comprehensive, bibliography. It employs a functionalist definition of Jewish music: music that utilizes expressly Jewish texts or themes, and/or is made for expressly Jewish purposes. It also lists book on “general” musicians of Jewish heritage that focus specifically on issues of Jewish identity.

Entries are divided into 15 categories:

  1. General and Multi-Topic
  2. Bible and Antiquity
  3. Ashkenazi Synagogue and Hazzanut
  4. Sephardi and Mizrahi
  5. Italian 
  6. Chassidism and Mysticism
  7. Klezmer and Yiddish
  8. Folklore and Oral Tradition
  9. Popular Music
  10. Concert Music
  11. Holocaust and Antisemitism
  12. Israel
  13. Biography and Memoir
  14. Handbooks
  15. Reference

1. General and Multi-Topic

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2. Bible and Antiquity

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3. Ashkenazi Synagogue and Hazzanut

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5. Italian

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8. Folklore and Oral Tradition

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